Youth Advisory Council meetings are currently held once a month, during the school year. Members meet at the Foundation office on Sundays, 2 p.m. for the regular business meeting.

There are several other community activities and YAC training opportunities that take place during the year.  Check the event calendar page on this website for dates and times of the meetings.

Michigan Gateway Community Foundation’s YAC applied for, and RECEIVED a grant from the Michigan Community Foundation Youth Project (MCFYP) to address the problem of underage drinking in our area. The group has written and produced TWO Public Service Announcements that will play in our local movie theater for three months during prom and graduation season.  The aim of the PSAs is to encourage good decision making and avoidance of destructive behavior among our area students at this important time in their lives.  The Wonderland Theater in Niles played them throughout the spring and summer!

Michigan Gateway Community Foundation’s YAC received high praise for their PSA efforts (see above) from the Council of Michigan Foundations.